Skincare Routine

Hey guys! I wrote this post a while ago about my favourite skincare products and how I find them but just completely forgot to post it so here you go, hope you enjoy! I haven't done a proper skincare post in a while and I've changed my routine a good bit so I thought it… Continue reading Skincare Routine

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First Impressions: Glove your Body and Karora Tanning

Hey guys! Since we were kindly gifted with like a mountain of stuff from the Déise Blogger event I decided to start a new section on my blog of First Impressions. Since I can't review everything at once this will just show ye what I'm currently using, what I first think and if I think… Continue reading First Impressions: Glove your Body and Karora Tanning


Review: ArtDeco Most Wanted Palette

Hey guys! Back again with another review of one of the amazing products we got in our Déise Bloggers goodie bags from our Mad Hatter event. This time its one from ArtDeco and its their new Most Wanted Contouring Palette. The lovely people in ArtDeco Waterford were kind enough to gift one of these to everyone… Continue reading Review: ArtDeco Most Wanted Palette

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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review

    Hey guys! I'm back with my first review in SO LONG. Good news is, now I have like 6 goodie bags worth of stuff to start reviewing so expect a load more. I was sitting around the house the other day doing nothing so I decided to try out some of the new stuff I… Continue reading Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review


Déise Bloggers Mad Hatter Event and Catch-up

Hey guys! Long time no chat! Let's have a quick catch up of what's been going on. The last time I really blogged was May so this was around the time when I had college exam stress and then I also had all that job trouble which you'll know about if you have me on… Continue reading Déise Bloggers Mad Hatter Event and Catch-up