Blogging virgin

So, this is new..I’ve always toyed with the idea of blogging as a place to both talk about how I’m feeling and other such nonsensical things going through my head and also to express myself through my outfits/hair/makeup etc. However as per my luck my laptop actually broke two days ago, so new year broken laptop is my new moto..I have no idea what happened but until I can get my keyboard replaced my phone will have to do. One thing you’ll notice (if anyone actually reads this) is that I do this.. A lot, so sorry if that bugs you but whatever its just one of those things that you do. I think subconsciously it was a way to rebel against my mam because she used to do 3 or 4 dots and I thought this was far too much and decided two would be enough. I was a cool kid as you can tell. I hope if anyone does actually decide to read anything I post and maybe this takes off I won’t bore you too much but some dreams are hard to reach. So yeah for now I’ll be using this blog as a way to complain/show cool things I like, like kittens and other adorable things..everyone needs some adorable things in their life..anyway yay hope this works out and if it doesn’t..atleast I tried (: