College Life:Cheap Ways To Survive

College Life: Cheap Ways To Survive Part One

1) Drinking
May aswell start off with the most important one. Yes college means study and exams and all those kinda things but it also means a helluva lotta nights out, whether you want them or not, and knowing how to get the most out of the little bit of money you have will become a valued skill by the time you’re finished. So here are some of my recommendations to help you do just that
1) Aldi and Lidl are your new best friends – I rarely ever buy my drink out of anywhere else, simply because I can’t afford to. There’s a lot of misconceptions about Aldi and lidl drink especially their spirits but if you can find the right mixer than you can’t go too far wrong. And anyway, we’re students, kinda gotta take what we can get. I recommend Liberté rum from Lidl (€13.65) for a 70cl and mix it with cranberry juice, you can barely taste it then.
2) PRE-DRINKING ALL OF THE TIME – Seriously, if you’re a student and you manage to be able to afford to buy drinks out tell me your secrets. I can’t remember the last time I bought a drink out. Pre drinking will now become your new favourite activity when getting ready for a night out.
3) Student nights – most clubs will have student nights on and if you’re lucky on your area a lot of pubs will too. Student night are great, especially if you follow the previous step and pre drink first to save yourself more money. Yay discounts.
4) House parties – if you’re like me most of the time you prefer a good house party to clubbing. Don’t get me wrong I do love clubs but the ones in my area are fairly crappy so house parties appeal to me more. You can pick the music, buy your own drink in bulk and shorter queues for the bathroom. House parties are just the best and with college students you can be certain there’ll be a lot of these.
5) Apps are your new best friend – Okay besides pre drinking, apps are most definitely your new best friend. I recommend “boozedoc.” You just type in your area and you can choose a specific drink and it will show you all the deals in the shops in your area. Major life and money saver.


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