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Eco Tools Makeup Brushes Review

I am hopeless when it comes to knowing good makeup brushes, and I’m also pretty basic at makeup too. I know what to put where but I’m not one of those people who’s up on all these latest trends or anything, I pretty much just do what I think will suit me. So when deciding what brushes to get when I got an amazon voucher for Christmas took me a few days, but I’m pretty happy with the ones I got (:

Fresh And Flawless Five Piece Complexion Set

I had seen one of my friends with this set and I thought it looked pretty good and as far as a small face brush set goes it is. Now like I’ve said I’m not a professional or a makeup guru or anything like that just a regular girl who likes wearing makeup but I find this set pretty good.

I love the concealer brushes and they blend extremely well.
The foundation brush is okay, but it’s a bit small for my liking so I will be investing in a larger one when I have the money. The blending brush works very well and I’m happy enough with it.
I absolutely adore the full powder brush and would definitely recommend it to everyone.

All in all I’m pretty happy with my purchase and would probably give the set as a whole 7/10. I just wish some of the brushes were bigger.

Becky (:


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