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My Favourite: Body Lotion

Hey guys! I want to start a new section of my favourite staple products, first up is my favourite body lotion.

I absolutely LOVE using body lotion because I love the feeling of my skin feeling super soft and also smelling fantastic, (Life Advice: If you look good and smell good you’ll feel good and everything feels better, things are so much easier to tackle)

My favourite scent at the moment for body lotion is coconut, I can’t even properly describe why, it just makes me feel summery and happy and it lingers for the entire day. My favourite product that achieves this is Treacle Moon: My Coconut Island Body Butter. I seriously love this stuff. One tub lasts me months! And it only costs €4.99 in my local Tesco.


The packaging is super cute with a lovely little message* on the cover which makes me really happy every time I read it (I hope it comes out clear enough in the picture.) It makes my skin super soft and the smell isn’t too overpowering, its just perfect and it lasts all day. There really isn’t a single bad thing I could say about this product which is why I absolutely recommend it!

Treacle Moon also have tonnes of other products that I am dying to try out so I think on my next trip to the shop I might pick up something new to review! Maybe one of their body scrubs or body washes and I’ll let you guys know what I think!

What are some scents you guys enjoy? Are there any products you’d think I’d love? Let me know in the comments below!

Becky (:


I don’t think the picture came out clear enough for the message to be easily read and it really is too cute to be ignored so I’m gonna write it out for you guys!

“I’m going to a faraway place she said… just for a whike…her toes wriggled in the warm sand and a silly seagull laughed and danced in the sweet wind.” HOW ADORABLE?! ❤


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