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Spotlight on: Tramore

Hey guys! So as you may know from my Quick Update post, a couple of days ago me and my boyfriend went around Tramore taking really super pretty photos for you guys so I could show you where I live. We managed to take an obscene amount of photos so I decided to break this up into a 3 part series which will be released over a few days while I’m at my brother’s wedding (so excited!!!) 

The first post I’m hoping to have up sometime around lunch tomorrow and the following 2 will be released in the days afterward.

I really hope you enjoy this post and seeing where I live. I’ll give you some background information on Tramore firstly to start off. Tramore is a seaside coastal town in the south east of Ireland in county Waterford. There’s around 11,000 people here roughly. Every summer Tramore becomes full of tourists because it’s beautiful down here. There’s also an amusement park which opens every summer and closes when the cold starts to come back.

The photos in this series are of the pier, the doneraile and the beach, some of my favourite places here. I also plan on doing another series about my favourite things in Waterford such as shops etc.

Anyway enough talking! I hope you like this series and I’d love to know what you think! Also if you haven’t already you can follow this blog on Facebook and you can also follow my account on Instagram. 

Thanks guys!


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