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Let’s Talk Books: Lindsey Kelk

Hey guys! I haven’t really talked about it much here but I absolutely love reading, it always makes me feel good and relaxed when I’m super stressed out and it’s just my happy thing to do. I recently started reading books by the author Lindsey Kelk and I am in book-love! Her style is 100% completely down to earth and identifiable and I love how she writes. Every time I read one of her books I fall even more in love with her characters, I want them all to be my best friends! All of the characters are lovable and flawed and each of them has a quality that we can see either in ourselves or the people around us. Her books are entertaining and all have a feel good vibe, which is great when you just want to relax with something light-hearted and easy after a hard day.

Lindsey kelk

You can click here to see all of Lindsey Kelk’s books and read their descriptions. Let me know if you decide to read or have read any of them I’d love to know what you think! Or you could recommend some light-hearted books that you think I might enjoy!

Becky (: xx


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