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Where I Live Series: The Beach (Part One)

Hey guys! This is the last place in my Where I Live series! This is what Tramore is known for, it’s beautiful beach. There are so many photos that we took down here that I absolutely love so I’m going to split this segment into two parts. The first one will be walking down from the Doneraile and the Lady’s Slip and then the second part will be the main part of the beach and the prom.

Also if anybody is wondering what I’m doing in a lot of the shots I was collecting rocks and didn’t know Michael was taking photos of me! But since it’s my blog I may as well throw in a few shots of myself

The beach is so nice all year round, even though it can be absolutely freezing down there in winter. There’s so much to do, especially when the weather is nice and warm and the amusement park is open. There’s also chip shops, cafés, pizzerias and places to rent surf boards for an excellent day out.

I do have to admit though, I don’t spend as much time down at the beach as I probably should do considering it’s only down the road, but Tramore is basically a hill and I am a bit lazy but I really must head down there more this summer and get even more beautiful photos for you guys (:

I really hope you’ve liked this mini-series and if you have I’d love to know! Also once again all photos were taken by my boyfriend Michael Skilton and you can check out more of the photos here on his Deviant Art page.

Becky (: xx


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