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SoSueMe Waterford Workshop Review

Hey guys!

Poster for Suzanne Jackson's SoSueMe workshop
Poster for Suzanne Jackson’s SoSueMe workshop
SoSueMe's Suzanne Jackson wearing Oasis
SoSueMe’s Suzanne Jackson wearing Oasis

Last Sunday, the 24th of May, I attended the SoSueMe Workshop in Faithlegg House Hotel in Waterford where I live. When I first started this blog I wrote a post about my blogger inspirations and SoSueMe is definitely a big one of mine. Suzanne Jackson has worked so so hard for the last number of years to build up her name and all her dedication definitely has paid off. SoSueMe is a beauty and fashion blog and the reviews on it are 100% honest. Before I buy any product I always go here to see if Suzanne has done a review and what she thinks. She’s such a down to earth person which became even more obvious when I met her in person. I went to her workshop alone and even though I was absolutely terrified and nervous to be by myself I am so glad I did go. Tickets are €75 which includes a €50 worth of goodies and afternoon tea. At the Waterford workshop we also got Haagen Dazs and oh my god wow..I had never had it before but it’s safe to say I’m kinda hooked now.

IMG_20150524_134950 IMG_20150524_130709 11227796_1490294261191311_5968028786056553449_o

If you have liked my Facebook page and Instagram you’ll see I was busy posting pictures of the workshop all day but I decided to do a post too.

If you’re a fan of SoSueMe I honestly recommend going, especially if you have a blog or are considering starting up one. Throughout the day Suzanne gave blogging, make up and fashion tips accompanied by make up demonstrations and 2 fashion shows. I know not many people will think much of this but I have to say it anyway because I was so blown away, the models for the fashion shows had to be some of the nicest people, they actually looked and interacted with people and when they saw people trying to take photos of the outfits they would turn towards them and give them a complete view, a small thing but I thought it was really considerate.

I know for many people the price is very steep but she gives you a good bit of notice so you have time to save and it really is a worthwhile day. The workshop I attended went on from 11-4 which is plenty of time for everything. Also if you have no-one to go out (like me) you definitely should still go! You’re not going to be talking to people for most of it anyway because you’re going to be listening to Suzanne and you’re bound to talk to a few people. I met two lovely girls from Cork and just chatted to them throughout the day. When I was first debating whether or not to buy my ticket my dad gave me some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten, he said that throughout my life I’m going to have to do a lot of things on my own and I should let it stop me from having new experiences and going to things I’d enjoy. It really resonated with me because I honestly hate going anywhere alone, even if I’m in my house alone all day I crack up but I’m so glad I just bought the ticket so I couldn’t chicken out!IMG_20150524_125636

I have so many photos from the day it’s ridiculous so what I’ll do is break them up into two more posts which will probably be out next week. Everything has been a bit manic between finishing exams and working and this is my first full weekend off so I’m going to spend it writing up posts for the next few weeks so ye have tonnes to look forward to. I’ll also be doing a few makeup haul posts as I’ve been on a bit of a spree lately and also a few reviews, including showcasing what I received in my goodie bag for the SoSueMe show.


If you have any questions of anything in particular you’d like to know about the show or just in general you can email me at or you can like my Facebook and leave me a message there 🙂 Also what do you guys think of the new name? I’d love to know!

Becky 🙂 xx


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