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Sleek i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys!

imageimageIf you follow my Facebook or Instagram you’ll know that I recently picked up the Sleek Eyeshadow Palette in “Vintage Romance.” I’ve never bought any Sleek products before but a few people I know have and all they had was praise for the brand. I was looking for some nice purple colours and this palette caught my eye in one of my local chemists. It was around €9.95 in Mulligans chemist in Waterford City, this is the only place I’ve seen Sleek for sale in Waterford but if anyone knows of anywhere else let me know in the comments below or on any of my social media pages (you can find links on the sidebar of my main page)


I wanted to use it a few times before I did a review so I could really decide what I thought of it but I am so happy that I got this and I’ll definitely be getting a few more, I think it’s safe to say this is the best eyeshadow palette I have ever bought. I love my W7 “In The Nude” palette too but this one is waaay more pigmented and the colours really pop and last all day unlike my W7 ones, which do last but even with primer they get a bit faded.

What I love about this palette is how compact it is, it just looks so lovely and fits comfortably in my hand when I’m using it. Its easy to pop it into my handbag when I’m going out. I also love that it has a mirror because I’m always forgetting to pick one up to bring around with me. On the back of the box it has some tips for creating different looks which I thought was great because I get really stuck in a rut with my eyeshadows and just do the same things over and over but thanks to the tips on the back it really got me thinking about different looks I could create, I’m also hoping to find some tutorials on Youtube.image

When I first used this palette I did make the mistake of not realising how pigmented it was and put a lot of product on my brush because I was so used to my W7 palette where you really do need to use a lot to get anywhere. It looked pretty hilarious and it took a lot of blending before I was able to leave my house! Especially since the colour I was using was a dark sparkly purple. I’ve been using my Essence “I Love Stage” eyeshadow primer (under €4 and lasts so long!) and I find that it makes the colours last all day until I take my makeup off hours later.

The colours are:image

Top Line Left To Right:

Pretty In Paris

Meet In Madrid

Court In Cannes

Lust In LA

Romance In Rome

Propose In Prague

Bottom Line Left To Right:

A Vow In Venice

Marry In Monte Carlo

Honeymoon In Hollywood

Bliss In Barcelona

Forever In Florence

Love In London

Swatches of Sleek's Vintage Romance Palette
Swatches of the colours, look how pigmented they are! Starting from the bottom (near my elbow) colours go from bottom right of the palette to top left

I’m thinking of getting the “Garden Of Eden” palette next, if anyone has it let me know your favourite looks from it and how you find it! You can also let me know your favourite looks from this one 🙂


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