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How Not To Behave Towards A Waitress

Hey guys!


So if you’ve been following me for a while you know that I’m a waitress in a busy café in Waterford. Everyday we get coach loads of tourists coming in and there’s a lot of things I’ve learned about people while working there, mainly that people can be rude as fuck..seriously..what is WRONG with some people. Upon learning of such blatant disregard for respect towards fellow human beings I decided to write a blog post about it because frankly it just pisses me off so damn much. Also this post is just about problems I’ve found, never mind what others who work in the same kind of job have told me.


1) If I’m taking your order, at least have the decency to attempt to look me in the eye and actually speak TO me. So many times I’ve been trying to take someone’s order and they’ll look at the other people at the table and say their order to them, without ever once looking at me. Now I completely understand that some people feel socially awkward and find it extremely hard to talk to others. You know what? Not a problem. But at least look at your menu or something and smile at me. It’s just human decency.

2) It is my job to make sure you get EXACTLY what you ordered, so don’t get annoyed that I have to ask you questions about how many shots of coffee you’d like, what sauce you’d like on your food etc, personally I don’t give a damn but its my JOB and I like doing it right, so just give me your attention for 2 minutes and I’ll leave you alone so you can continue your day and have a nice meal and I can continue mine and not be given out to by you because you 9couldn’t be arsed to make specifications.

3) You may have had to deal with god-awful people all day and may be in the worst mood known to man, but you can bet your ass that I’ve had to deal with pricks all day too, so how about for the next 5 minutes while we’re interacting with each other you don’t act like one of those god-awful people towards me and make us both feel shite? A smile goes a long way and you can be certain that I’m trying my hardest to make sure you enjoy the time you spend in the café.

4) This is my JOB, I serve many MANY people a day, NOT just youyou are NOT entitled to anything here so don’t act like it. Yes I will bring you food and drinks and I’ll try to meet your every need while you’re here but don’t ever act like my only job in the world is to serve you because you will be disappointed. You are not better than me and I am not better than you, I don’t care who you are and you sure as hell don’t care who I am so lets just be civil towards each other and we’ll all get out of this alive.


5) If you walk into somewhere and it’s clearly stated outside what time they’re closing at and it’s nearly that time, please don’t enter. You can be sure that the employees have probably had to deal with a lot of crap that day and are REALLY looking forward to getting out of there, the same as you are in your daily life, so don’t make theirs harder by making them stay later (without getting paid for it by the way) just because you’re too inconsiderate. I’ve had people 3walk in when all the chairs were up on tables and I was mopping wanting to order food and coffee, which I had to serve them, which meant I had to go back and sweep under their table, mop that part of the floor, wipe down the table, wash and dry everything they used and everything that had to be used to make their order. This adds about an extra half hour if not more onto my day which I don’t get paid for so be considerate. You wouldn’t walk into a bank and expect them to serve you when they’re clearly closing and everything has been turned off.

6) This is just a general tip but some places don’t actually give any tips to their staff, so if someone has been particularly nice to you and you want to tip them, give it to them when they’re alone, otherwise they’re probably not going to ever see that money even though you think they will.

7) If you’re not ready to order, that is a-okay and I will come back in a few minutes it’s not a problem. But if you’re in a SUPER busy cafe and you’re not ready to order please tell your waitress because you can be sure they have 10000 other things they probably HAVE to be doing at that EXACT time because that’s just how it works, so please don’t waste my time and yours by humming and hawing when I could just come back in a few minutes and everyone is happy.

8) Try to remember what you’ve ordered. There’s nothing worse than bringing an order to a table, a table that some other person took the order for, calling out what meal you have in your hand and having x number of blank faces staring back at you. I’m not a mind-reader I can’t guess what everyone ordered. I’m handed something and told what table to bring it to end of, so please try to remember and don’t be rude about it.


9) Generally I’ll bring people their cutlery straight after they’ve ordered, before they get their food. It saves time in the long run so I don’t have to try get past my fellow workers into the back corner to get it, it’s already out of the way. So when I bring you your cutlery don’t stare at me like I’m a pest or I’m after growing 10 heads, a simple thanks will do.


10) Please don’t all start talking over one another when I’m trying to take your order. Like I said above you can be gaurenteed I’m trying to make sure you get everything you’ve asked for and it’s all completely right, so when I’ve made sure THEN I’ll move on to the next person. Also if I’m not done with one person and another person starts talking, don’t get mad at me when I take your order and go back to the first person to get the rest of theirs, like I said it’s my JOB and I have to be good at it, otherwise I wouldn’t have it.

Sorry about the post being so long guys but that was so therapeutic! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. Also if you have any stories/tips relating to this post let me know x

Becky 🙂 xx


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