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AllThatCanBe Productions Photoshoot “I will scream my lungs out, ’til it fills this room…”

Hey guys!

John Bermingham AllThatCanBe Productions
John Bermingham AllThatCanBe Productions

If you’ve been following for a bit you’ll know that a few weeks ago I told you that I was going to be working with someone very exciting and although I couldn’t say everything I told you to check out AllThatCanBe Productions on facebook and you’d get a good idea. Well today I can show you exactly what we did.

John Bermingham is an amazing digital artist that I met through working in Aoife’s because he had an exhibition there. I heard he was looking for models for his photos so I volunteered. I’m so glad that I did because his work is just truly amazing and even more than that he’s a genuinely lovely guy, both me and my boyfriend Michael (who loves photography) became fast friends with him. A few weeks ago we headed out to do some cool shots John had planned but holy crap the weather was so frickin bad. I know it’s Ireland and everything but I hadn’t seen weather like this in a good long while. We first went out to an abandoned house in the Comeraghs which was full of sheep poop, (lots of fun), however I did make friends with 3 adorable horses so I call the experience a success. Anyway there I was standing in the lashing rain in this super creepy abandoned house in a floor length debs dress and DC shoes, (I was definitely stylin’.) It was actually a really fun day but unfortunately because of the weather we only managed to get that one shoot done, however there are more planned so watch this space!

The photo we did get done was for a competition in John’s local camera club so that’s why I couldn’t say anything until he had done the big reveal (which was yesterday.) I absolutely love this photo and I can’t wait to get my hands on my own copy. Looking at it just makes me want to do more shoots. John also played around with some practice shots we did which I also love, I’ll leave all of them in the gallery down below as well as links to all of John’s social media (he is a man of many trades.) A time-lapse video was also made and oh my god the amount of work that went into the creation of this photo is amazing and you really have to see it to fully appreciate it, all in all I think it took around 15 hours.

Anyway, this guy deserves so much recognition for his talent and the amount of work he puts into everything he does, every image he uses is either photographed or taken by him, absolutely no stock images are ever used so you can imagine the amount of work that takes, so everyone should definitely go check out his page and share it around, he’s not just a nameless faceless artist who’s work you see around the place, he’s someone who tirelessly works at what he does and is constantly striving to make it better so yeah, go show him the love.

John’s Social Media Links





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