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Life Update and What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Hey guys!


So the last few weeks have been absolutely mental and I haven’t felt like blogging at all, so I took another bloggers advice and didn’t because what’s the point in pushing out posts when my heart isn’t in it and I don’t want to do it? I’d rather wait until I feel like doing it again and be happy with what I post. In the meantime I have changed jobs 3 times (I know I know but I’ll explain.) So as many of you may know I was working in a café in Waterford City called Aoife’s Café but it has since closed down so I got a new job in Gino’s Gelatto which is new to Waterford. I had to travel up to Dublin for a few days for training which involved a lot of early mornings and late nights which I don’t do well. However, I quickly realised that while I love being a waitress and getting to interact with people, I don’t really like making/preparing food. Also in Gino’s I would have to work very late which I wouldn’t be able to do because I live a good bit away from the city centre and there are only buses at certain times so I knew it probably wouldn’t work out. Meanwhile a pub/restaurant in Tramore had an opening for a waitress so I was called for an interview and I was successful so that’s where I am currently working and so far I like it 🙂 So holy crap I have been SO DAMN BUSY! There’s another reason I haven’t been blogging much but I think I’ll explain that fully in a post by itself.

Anyway, I thought I’d do a “What’s In My Makeup Bag” post today. I don’t know about you but I am so nosey and I love knowing what products other people are loving and what they think. I have so many products that I want to show you guys but still please let me know if you see anything on here that you’d like reviewed, I have a list and I’m

How cute is Ariel
How cute is Ariel

going to set aside some time and get all of them done.

The products I have here are the ones I put on my face every day and if I’m going off anywhere for a night I’ll bring them with me definitely. For this post I’ll just list the products and then I’m thinking of doing a Daily Makeup Routine post both for my everyday look when I’m going to work and then what I do for day’s I’m going somewhere, what do you guys think?

So in my makeup bag currently I have:


NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer – Shade 684

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer – 030 Classic Beige

Maybelline Dream Satin Liquid Foundation – 10 Ivory

Seventeen Miracle Matte Pressed Powder – Silky Beige

Natural Collection Suntint Bronzing Powder – Sun Shine

Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks – Peach Melba

Essence Eyebrow Designer – 04 Blonde (Only use this for the brush)

Seventeen Brow’s That Brow Kit

NYC Liquid Eyeliner – 887

NYC Big Bold Angel Lash Mascara – 856 Extra Black


Urban Decay Optical Blurring Brush

SoEco Powder Brush

Eco Tools Concealer Brush (Green)

Eco Tools Concealer Buffing Brush (Blue)

Primark blush brush from a set but I use it for bronzer

Okay guys that’s everything that’s in my makeup bag! I don’t use all of these products everyday but I would use most of them. Hope you liked this post and if you did don’t forget to like it! 🙂 x


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