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My Current Favourite Snapchatters


Hey guys!

Snapchat has become such a huge thing now and I’m loving it. I don’t use it much myself but I really enjoy watching other people’s stories. It’s really nice when I’m sitting down and I have a minute or two to myself in between college work or if I’m on the bus or whatever I’m doing just to relax and catch up on what my favourite people are doing. Whenever my boyfriend goes outside to have a cigarette he calls it my snapchat time may be a sign of obsession?) Not gonna lie if I miss a day of someone’s snapchats I feel like I’ve been thrown off balance! So yeah I’m just going to share a few of the people that I really enjoy watching.

Grace Mongey (FacesByGrace) – username: facesbygrace23

I am absolutely shamefully obsessed with Grace (#girlcrush), I feel like I know her and I’ve never met her before. Actually no that’s a lie, when I went to the SoSueMe workshop in Waterford Grace was also there helping out and you know those people that when you first meet them you’re like yup you seem super cool and we need to be friends right now? I thought Grace was so cool and one of those people. Her stories have been known to reach well over 1000 seconds but I LOVE that, its like a daily vlog but somehow better. She’s 100% real and there’s no bullshitting about her, she just seems like such a down to earth cutie. The fact that she regularly talks about her struggle with anxiety and motivates everyone to try feel positive with her makes me easily one of my favourite people.

Suzanne Jackson (SoSueMe) – username: sosueme_ie

Speaking of SoSueMe ❤ I am in love with this woman, I feel like she is such a role model and a “keep doing you!” kinda girl. Plus, if nothing else, her dogs, I need them, they’re so damn cute. I love seeing all the BTS action from events and photoshoots that she puts up, especially her makeup snaps. When I went to her show in Waterford I went completely alone, I didn’t know a soul there and she was just so sweet when I was talking to her. I really like down to earth, funny people so if you do too go follow SoSueMe.

Rosie Connolly (Hearts, Heels and Handbags) – username: rosieconxxx

All of my favourites follow the same theme, people I could see myself 1000% getting along with and Rosie is the same. Also quick note, HER EYES ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! Have you ever tried to buy Urban Decay’s Riff and couldn’t get it? Yeah that’s probably because once Rosie said that was her go-to eyeshadow it was gone. I love seeing her and her fiancée Paul messing with each other and her gorgeous baby boy Harry.

Marissa Carter (Cocoa Brown Tan) – username: cartermarissa

Marissa seems like the ultimate sweetheart, she’s like the aunt you always want to go to for advice about everything. She regularly does Q&As on her snapchat and I really enjoy listening to what she has to say, also the BTS shots of the cocoa brown HQ are pretty great too and I love watching her mini makeup demos.

Philip DeFranco (sxephil) – username: thedefrancofam

Ayyyyy not all bloggers! I religiously watch Philly D’s PDF on his youtube channel (sxephil). He reports and gives his opinions on news stories happening around the world and his Today In Awesome segment always makes me laugh on shitty days when I’m walking to the bus stop. Phil’s stories are never very long but I still enjoy watching his snaps.

Lindsay DeFranco (TheDeFrancoFam) – username: linzdefranco

FINALLY LINDSAY IS ON SNAPCHAT! This only happened in the last day or two but TheDeFrancoFam channel is another one I religiously watch on youtube (Philly D’s wife and their gorgeous son Trey) so I’m really excited to be able to watch them here too.

Ciara Allen MUA (CiaraAllenMakeupArtist) – username: ciaraamakeup

Becoming friends with Ciara has definitely been one of the biggest highlights of my short time blogging, she’s so sweet and down to earth and whenever I have a question about pretty much anything I know I can go to her and be met with 0% judgement which is why I also love following her on snapchat. She regularly puts up snaps of her mini makeup hauls, BTS on shoots and I love when she volunteers at DogsAid because then its just adorable dogs all day and who doesn’t feel better watching cute animals? ❤


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