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Review: Boots Botanics All Bright Day Cream

Hey guys!

A few weeks ago I purchased the Boots Botanics All Bright Day Cream in Boots in Waterford City. It had been catching my eye for ages but because I only use Simple skincare I was a bit worried about changing in case it didn’t agree with my skin. Anyway, one day when I went in all the range were half price or below, so for €2.50 you can’t really go wrong in trying something out and I had been looking at it for ages (I am very good at rationalising purchases to myself) so I decided to pick it up and give it ago. (Call me a newb or whatever but there’s also a night cream of this range so I had a little freak out in the shop being like “DO I NEED TO GET IT WHAT IF I DON’T AND I DO SOMETHING WRONG” but whatever, I was like it can’t go too wrong and I’ll just use my Simple moisturiser during the night.)

wp-1455811321376.jpgI was very surprised at how much you actually got in the container, like this one little tub is definitely going to last you months upon months and it also smells gorgeous. The key feature of the “All Bright” range is that you’re supposed to see your skin become more illuminated and clearer as you use the product (after a while obviously.) I was pretty sceptical but I swear after only about 2/3 days of using it during the day time my skin honestly did look brighter and much better (considering I already have good skin I was super happy at this development) so I was like right let’s see does it stay that way after continued use and it has, it just maintains that brightness level. I have trouble sleeping so as a result my skin can look fairly dull during the day time without makeup but ever since I started to use this I’d actually consider going out without any makeup on as my skin doesn’t look too bad (this is big for me, because I love wearing makeup out.)

The only thing I would say if you were going to purchase this is, don’t use it on your neck. My skin on both my face and neck never have reactions to any new product I use however, the first time I used the day cream on my neck a line of red splotches came up, like a rash. This was around the time of my Christmas exams so I was thinking it was probably just stress, however I decided to use it again on my neck the other day when it was the only moisturiser I had brought with me and the same thing happened again. I’d rather be safe than sorry and just stick to using it on my face and continue using my Simple one on my neck. I’d also skip using it around the eye area.wp-1455811326517.jpg

I’d love to know what you guys think, do I need to buy the night cream too or just continue on the way I am? What do you think of this range?

If you want to check out the Day Cream here’s the link to the Boots website:

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Becky 🙂


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