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Review: Boots Botanics All Bright Range

Hey guys!

I recently published a post on the Boots Botanical All Bright Day Cream which you can check out here if you want. Since purchasing that I also decided to try out the micellar water and toner from the same range, normally I always stick with Simple (you can see the products I use here) but I wanted to try something new. I’ve been using both for a while before I decided to do this review so that I’d actually know what the products are really like and be able to give my honest opinion. I’ll review each separately. Also just a side note I have combination skin (oily and normal.)

Micellar Water

wp-1455811343454.jpgAt first I loved this but the more I used it the more drying I found it on my skin. I also started to notice dry patches under my eyes and once I left a wide berth between my eyes and where I used the product I noticed this went away pretty soon. It also has no little pourer on top to help with putting the product onto the cotton bud which meant it was a messy process sometimes and leaves a build up of bubbles inside the bottle, I’ll show you what I mean in the picture,
but that’s just a little thing. I honestly don’t think I’d repurchase this as it just didn’t suit my skin, that doesn’t mean it won’t suit yours though!

Cleansing Toner

The first thing I notice with this was how strong the alcohol smell is off it and again likewp-1455811331322.jpg the micellar water I do find it to be quiet drying when using it. I have combination skin (oily and normal) so I don’t think I’d recommend this to a person with skin that’s already dry as it might irritate their skin. It does leave my skin feeling fresh but also quiet dry if that makes sense? Like there’s no way you could get away with skipping the moituriser after using this. Again, I don’t think I’d repurchase this but that doesn’t mean it won’t suit you.


Both products get the job done, they remove makeup and excess oils well but they’re just not for me.

Let me know if you’ve tried them before or have used any of the Boots own range products!

Becky 🙂 x



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