Finally Getting My Learners Permit

Hey guys!

Today’s post is different from my usual but let’s go with it anyway. I’m not sure about other countries but in Ireland it can be pretty damn expensive to get a car on the road (and keep it going) which is why I’m not going down let’s say the “conventional” route, instead last November I bought myself the most gorgeous motorbike that I am absolutely in love with. Putting a bike on the road is a helluva lot cheaper than putting a car there (roughly about €2000+ cheaper to be precise.) My dad has always owned bikes since he was 16 so I’ve grown up around them which is why I was beyond excited and comfortable enough to finally get my own (my dad was not.) You-call-it-road-rage-meme.jpg

There are a few steps in Ireland before you can actually legally drive, first up you must pass your theory test. There are two parts to this, first is the general rules of the road etc that everyone has to learn no matter what vehicle you’re doing your test for, then the second part is more specific as to whether its a car/van etc or a motorbike. One piece of advice I can give to anyone doing it is to GET THE DVD, the book will get you nowhere except straight to sleep, it’s just too long-winded. The DVD is quick and easy with tonnes of practice tests, you don’t even need to read a thing just do test after test and you’ll honestly be grand, plus it tracks your progress and you can click on an option to see whether you’re ready for the real theory test or not. The actual test is the exact same as the practice ones so just do them and you’re all good.

Once you’ve passed your theory test you can then apply to get your physical learner’s permit. You’re advised to make an appointment but the handy thing is you don’t even have to go to the NDLS centre in your county, you can go to any county if the one in yours is booked up, or you can just take your chances and take a trip into the centre and hope they aren’t busy. Once you’ve filled out your forms, brought in all the necessary documents and been approved your permit will be sent out to you (which is the stage I’m at, let’s say not so patiently waiting.)

_28436Now here’s where the big difference is for a motorbike, in order to be legal on the road you have to complete the IBT – Initial Basic Training – with an approved instructor. There are different classes of training you can do (if you have a car just skip over all of this bit.) My bike is a 125cc Yamaha Dragstar, so since I’m under 24 years of age I’m only eligable to do A1 (125 and below) or A2 training. I was hoping to do A2 training  however you can rent the bike off your instructor and since I’m doing this before I insure my bike (it works out waaaay cheaper if you insure your bike after you do your IBT) the bike that’s supplied for A2 is too big for me (it’s a 500cc and since I’m not used to driving on the road and am only 5 ‘ 2″ there’s no way I’m going to be able to handle it) so A1 it is. For me it’s working out at €400 but it depends on your circumstances e.g. if you’re doing the IBT with another person and you bring your own bike its cheaper etc.

The IBT is a 2 day 8 hours each day course and once you have it completed you’re all set to legally drive on the road while you’re waiting the 6 months to apply for your full drivers licence.

So yeah that’s basically where I am right now, I’m hoping to be on the road within the next 3 weeks. If anyone wants to know more feel free to email me or comment here or message my facebook whichever and I’ll try answer your questions. Also if you want me to write a post about how I found the IBT and basically review my experience let me know about that too, I’d be more than happy to.

Also I’ll leave some handy links here so you can find out more.

RSA Website


Find an IBT instructor 


Becky 🙂 xx


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