Irish Beauty Show 2016

Hey guys!

powder n pout
Taking a selfie at the Powder n Pout stand

If you follow my facebook or snapchat (@rebecca-ellen8) you’ll know that last weekend (March 13th) I went up to the Irish Beauty Show in the RDS. This is the first time the beauty show has been open to non-trade people and there were around 350 brands up there, most with free demos and offers. I won VIP tickets thanks to a competition (wooo) so myself and a friend headed up together.

*sidenote* It’s mad that I won the tickets though because at Christmas my brother got me a Crownbrush brush set (let me know if you’d like a review) and within the packaging there were two flyers that said register for your free ticket and gave the website for the beauty show so I got super excited and went off trying to do it but it wouldn’t let me and when I contacted the beauty show through their facebook they said the offer was only for people in the trade even though it said no such thing on the flyer, so I was super disappointed and fairly annoyed if I’m honest but I just left it go. Anyway a while later I saw a competition to win VIP tickets, I entered and yeah I won (I never win anything I swear 2016 is my karma year it’s great.)

If you’re going and you’re only interested in beauty not actually in the profession I wouldn’t say you need to go for the two days, I arrived up there on the Sunday around 10am and by 12:30/1:00pm I was finished even though I thought I would still be there at 5 running around the place like a headless chicken, so yeah if you can only afford to go or only want to go one day I’d definitely recommend going up early the Sunday, doing everything you wanna do in there and then heading into Dublin city for the rest of the day. If you wanna see the demos and stuff go for the two days but you really don’t absolutely need to, you’ll get everything you want in the one, especially on the first day as I heard they ran out of a lot of things by the second day.

Charlene Flanagan Blank Canvas demo
Myself and Charlene Flanagan just before her demo with Blank Canvas

I met so many fantastic people up there, like Charlene Flanagan, Diane Everett, Emma Sheehan, Grace Mongey, Lucy Bradley and more! Everyone up there is super friendly which is great when you take about 3 hours to decide what you want to buy like I do. The people working at each brand will match you to the products you want to buy so it’s handy for repurchasing too. There are so many great brands up there with fantastic deals on including Blank Canvas, Crownbrush, AYU Makeup, SOSU, Paese Cosmetics, Buff & Blend and tonnes more.

Diane Everett Airbase makeup
With Diane Everett at the Airbase makeup stand

I spent waaay less money than I thought I would yet because of the great deals up there I got more than I planned! And I finally got my hands on a SoSu Contour Palette I was delighted. I’m going to show on snapchat what I actually bought up there so if you’re interested add me (@rebecca-ellen8)

Lucy Bradley AYU Makeup
With Lucy Bradley just after her demo with AYU Makeup

All in all it was a really enjoyable day and I’m glad I went, I’ll definitely be going again next year. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and ask away 🙂

Becky xx


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