How I Clean My Makeup Brushes

brush cleaning

Hey guys!

How’s everyone’s week going? I’m off for Easter break for the next two weeks yet I’m still mad busy with assignments and a new project I am super excited to tell you all about but I can’t just yet so stay tuned!

If you were watching my snapchat story Monday night you’ll see that while trying to snap my haul from the Irish Beauty Show I somehow managed to drop my brand new Blank Canvas F20 brush into a massive mug of tea (don’t even ask me how, it takes a special skill to be this clumsy.) Amidst freaking out I managed to get it washed straight away so there was no damage done. I videoed how I washed my brushes and there was some interest from people so I said I’d just write up a handy blog post about it!

I used to be absolutely terrified of washing my brushes, I knew I’d end up ruining them and they’d lose their shapes and it’d just be an awful ordeal so I used to always use the Pennys Makeup Brush Cleaning Spray (I think its €2.50/€3.00) and it worked perfectly although it did take a while before all the makeup was totally gone. I still use this every once in a while but I also have a new step to my cleaning process.

snapchat-8404660608212329791.jpgIf you watch Laura Dempsey’s snapchat (@laudempmakeup) you’ll have seen ages ago that she raved about using Moogoo’s goats milk cleansing soap bar to clean her brushes and how quick and easy it was and the idea took off amongst bloggers all over the south-east. No-one reported any problems so I said I’d give it a go and its completely worth the hype, cleaning my brushes now takes about 2 minutes each (depending on how much product is on them.) I’ll outline the steps below


  1. Make a little puddle of water in the centre of your hand and dip your brush into it – this will protect the silver part of your brush getting wet which will loosen the glue over time and cause excessive shedding, effectively ruining your brush.
  2. Run the brush over the soap bar getting it nice and lathered.
  3. Swirl your brush in a facecloth until most of the product seems to be gone – I usually snapchat-8785336770813736752.jpglie a damp face cloth in the sink and use this however Real Techniques have brought out a brush cleaning mitt and I’ve seen some people use massage mitts from deals cut in half, whichever you prefer is going to be grand 🙂
  4. You can either run your brush carefully under a gentle tap (mind the silver part!) or repeat step 1 above and make a puddle in your hand and clean the soap off. If you’re running the brush under the tap make sure the brush is facing downwards.
  5. Repeat the steps until the water is completely clear and there’s no makeup left on your brush.
  6. Leave your brushes to air dry with the brush sitting out from a ledge – this will help the brush to dry completely and also retain its shape.

That’s it guys! Now for smaller brushes you can just use the spray brush cleaner if you
want as there wouldn’t be a massive amount of product on and running water over the brush might damage it.

I got my soap from Mulligans Tramore but if you search moogoo stockists on google a list will come up 🙂

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Becky 🙂 x



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