Getting On The Road – The IBT

Hey guys!

If you’ve been following my snapchat (@rebecca-ellen8) and on here you’ll know that I recently (finally) got my learner’s permit for my Yamaha Dragstar. I was beyond delighted to finally feel like I was getting somewhere with my driving and that I’d no longer have to rely on anyone for lifts etc.


In Ireland for motorbikes before you’re legally allowed on the road you have to do driving lessons, however, unlike for people learning to drive cars, motorbike lessons are over 2 days, 16 hours each day and then you’re done, this is called Initial Basic Training. There are many places to do it all over Ireland, I did mine with Roadskill in Waterford (out by the Waterford Airport in the Business Park) with a man called Richard Thompson (I’ll leave his details below and if you have any questions you want me to answer feel free to contact me!)

Pricing depends on what licence category you’re going for, whether you’re renting the bike off them or using your own etc and whether you want to do it with another person or on your own. Since I had never driven on the road before I did it on my own for an A1 licence category which came to €400, the prices are the same everywhere give or take a bit.

The first day is all theory in a class room but its all grand and the day flew by, you can take notes but its up to you you don’t have to (I’d advise you to even write down some of the mechanical stuff just so you have an idea when you go home and it’s two weeks later and you can’t even remember what you ate for lunch never mind what you learned weeks before)sheldon.gif

The second day is the “fun” part. You’re in a compound for most of the day learning basic techniques e.g. switching up and down gears, emergency braking, clutch control etc so bring all your gear with you. Then, and this is only if you’re instructor thinks you’re ready, you’re brought out onto the road to see how you handle traffic and putting everything you learned into use. Your instructor drives behind you and you have an intercom on so that they can speak to you and give you directions, advice etc (you’re grand don’t worry too much you’ll only psyche yourself out!)

That’s it then! If your instructor thinks you’re competent enough they’ll sign you off and you’re ready to roll. The two days are grand and once they’re over the feeling of accomplishment is fantastic. Next step is getting your insurance and tax sorted.

**Quick Tip** While looking at insurance prices, Liberty do a deal where if you pay an extra €50 while doing your IBT you can get a Liberty Skills Assessment which, if you pass, will bring down your insurance premium by atleast 20%-25% (Mine went from €789 to €630 all for an extra €50. However, if you finish your IBT, come back in a few days and then decide you want the Skills Assessment done it’ll cost you €200 so think about it before you finish your IBT.

That’s it guys! If you have any questions let me know or give Richard a ring I’ll leave his details here, if you went and liked their facebook page too I’m sure he’d appreciate that 😛

Roadskill Facebook

Roadskill Website

Richard’s Number – 086 830 4527


Becky 🙂 xx


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