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March Favourites!

Hey guys!

Hows everyone’s April going? I am currently procrastinating heavily because I have about 50 million assignments to do before I finish my second year of college in May. But like lads, my course is only 3 years..I’m nearly done..just gonna freak out over in the corner here kay

freaking out.gif

So that explains my lack of blog posts in the last week or so (believe me, I feel very guilty over it) but make sure you’re following me on my other social media where I try to stay active every day. I thought I’d come back today and do a quick posts on some products I was loving for March (I know its the 8th of April..)

Catrice Camouflage Concealer

I think everyone and their mother is obsessed with this at the moment (thank you Lucy Bradley.) I first saw this little gem of a product on Lucy Bradley’s snapchat (@lbmakeup – she’s crazy talented) and after seeing others try it out and agree with the hype I decided to pick it up to give it a try. I started using it to carve out by brows once they’ve been filled and its just gorgeous to go on, I apply it with my Crownbrush concealer brush and the two work fantastic together. I usually use my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer under my eyes but I can find if you’re just doing a light day makeup it can look quite cakey so I gave this a try going out the other night and it went on like a dream. I get tend to get redness between my eyebrows too and this covers it right up. Mine was around €4 in Pennys.

catrice camouflage concealer


*The winner of my giveaway will also win this product so make sure you enter! Just like my facebook page and follow me on twitter*


Blank Canvas F20 Brush

Before I went to the beauty show I did some research on bits that I definitely wanted to pick up and this was high on the list. I’m a sucker for a good foundation brush and holy crap, between this and my Powder n Pout p230 my makeup is flawless. The hairs are densely packed which helps to give your foundation that airbrushed effect and it doesn’t take too much of the product like some brushes can. It also cleans like a dream and drys perfectly back into shape. I got mine for €10 at the beauty show but you can pick one up online here for €14.99, it comes with a black handle or a hot pink one, both gorgeous.


NYX Brow Pomade

If you’re like me and want to jump on the Anastacia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade band wagon but are a cheapo (I’m a student, don’t judge) then I definitely recommend trying out this product first to see how you find using that type of product (brow pomade.) I feel like my brows have never looked so good since I started using this and a little goes a long way. I use my Crownbrush angle liner or my AYU angle liner to apply this product. I coat both sides of the brush and do light quick strokes. I can’t fault this product on anything but I do need to stock up on a darker colour, they come out lighter than they look like they would so I always go over mine with a matt brown powder and then set it with my Catrice eyebrow filler gel. I bought mine from Meaghers Pharmacy,  an amazing Irish pharmacy which also has an online shop and the products they stock are amazing! Delivery is cheap and quick and they always throw in a few free samples. The brow pomade retails for €7.75

AYU Pencil Brush

Like with the F20 brush I knew that at the beauty show I wanted to pick up at least one brush from AYU – a fantastic Irish brand owned by Suzie O’ Neill (follow her on snapchat @suzie-ayumakeup) I picked up a few of their eye brushes (definitely need to get more and some face brushes!) and this pencil brush is just amazing. If I know I’m going to be doing eyeshadow I won’t go anywhere without it. It picks up the product well, brushes it on seamlessly and blends fantastically (is that a word?) I’m so impressed with this brand and their brushes. I bought each of mine for €5 at the beauty show but you can also buy them online and they have fantastic sets too. Check out their shop here and you can buy the pencil brush here for €5.50.


Paese Long Cover Fluid Foundation

I had seen Gracey Mongey (@facesbygrace23 on snapchat) talk about this product before but to be honest I hadn’t known very much about them or seen them around the place. While watching Lucy’s demo with AYU at the beauty show I got talking to Emma Sheehan from Mastering Your Makeup and she had just been over at the Paese stand and said I should definitely go take a look before going home, which is exactly what I did and spent lots more money, lovely stuff. She recommended looking at their powders and I swear that’s all I went over to look at!I swear.gif

Anyway, I was talking to one of the lovely counter girls at the stand and she said if I’d like she’d put the powder on my face so I could see how it looked (who doesn’t love getting their makeup done, of course I agreed.) So she sat me down, wiped off some of my makeup, applied one of their foundations and the powder over it. I was so impressed, my skin felt amazing and light and it didn’t feel like I was wearing makeup at all so of course I had to buy the foundation then too! Both only cost me €23 so I was super impressed with that! Check out their website here or you can also find them on cloud10beauty. Also you can check out their foundation in particular here (€13.99) and the powder here (€11.99)

paese long cover fluid foundation

PS Love Makeup Fixing Spray

Ever since getting the bike one of the things I’ve been worrying about is my makeup coming off with taking my helmet on and off (I know, priorities right?) I’ve been asking around about good setting sprays people recommend but in the mean time I was wandering through Pennys one day, minutes away from going mad and spending a small fortune (its just the law when you go in there) and I passed by this and decided to pick it up, it was only €2.50 and sure if all else failed it’d be grand to just have it. But I’m seriously so impressed! I’ve worn this and my Paese foundation all day and to work and even with taking the helmet on and off my makeup hasn’t budged, and the one day that I forgot to wear this and took the helmet on and off I was a bloody mess. The smell is quite strong when you first put it on so I always hold my breath for a bit afterwards and walk away from the area where I’ve sprayed it but that’s really all I can fault it on. Pick it up in your local pennys/primark.

PS makeup fixing spray

So that’s all for my March Favourites, I’m thinking of keeping this as a monthly segment but we’ll see how it goes! What are some products you’ve been loving? Or do you have any recommendations for things I should try out? Let me know!

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