Déise Bloggers Mad Hatter Event and Catch-up

Hey guys!

Long time no chat! Let’s have a quick catch up of what’s been going on. The last time I really blogged was May so this was around the time when I had college exam stress and then I also had all that job trouble which you’ll know about if you have me on snapchat (@rebecca-ellen8, sly plug there,) and I also moved in with my boyfriend and a few friends for the summer. To be honest my heart wasn’t in blogging and I didn’t want to be turning out a load of half assed posts and just be going through the motions so I decided to take a break, regroup and refresh and start again when I felt right.

So here I am, back again and hopefully for good. I also got an amazing new phone WITH A GREAT FRONT CAMERA, I am beyond excited for all of the selfies and to be able to maybe hopefully do tutorials on snapchat? I dunno, what do you guys think?

Anyway, last Sunday the 7th of August three of the Déise Bloggers organised a fantastic day out for us all at the Kazbar in town. The Déise Bloggers are a group of Waterford girls who all blog and we help each other out with tips and questions etc, it’s an amazing group to belong to and I’m proud to call these girls my friends because they are some amazing people. Three of the girls, Jodi, Rachael and Lisa organised an amazing Mad Hatter Tea Party event for us and it was all in aid of Pieta House, a charity which I’m sure is very close to probably every single person right now. Pieta House caters to those struggling with suicide and self-harm and the work they do is so worthwhile and incredible. They are are currently in the process of opening a South East centre and they’ve chosen Waterford which I couldn’t be more proud of. The work they do is truly fantastic and it’ll be an amazing asset to the people here. All money raised on the day went to Pieta House and in total we raised €450. Huge credit also has to go to the girls for their hard work in organising such an amazing and fun event, everything from the decorations to the raffles, the speakers and the demos and of course the fantastic goodie bags were just amazing and I can’t imagine the amount of hard work that went into organising the day.


On the day there were talks from Irish skincare brands Nía and Tomitago, makeup demos from the fantastic Danielle Mahon and Niamh Cleary as well as a hair demo from Lyndsey Kelly and a Q&A with Waterford’s favourite Diane Everett. Delanys’ Pharmacy and Mulligans Pharmacy both had fantastic representation there too and it was great to get to meet people from both.

At the end of the event with did a balloon release outside of the Kazbar in aid of Pieta House and it was a great finish to a fantastic day.

Balloon Release


Don’t forget to follow me on my other social media channels too to keep up to date with everything and see what we got in our amazing goodie bags!




Snapchat – @rebecca-ellen8

Becky x

**Photo Credit goes to Kenny from KH Photography & Art and Blathnaid from Wildflower Diaries Blog**



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