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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque Review



Hey guys!

I’m back with my first review in SO LONG. Good news is, now I have like 6 goodie bags worth of stuff to start reviewing so expect a load more. I was sitting around the house the other day doing nothing so I decided to try out some of the new stuff I got and I picked out this Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. I’ve never actually tried anything before from Dermalogica (#StudentProblems) so I was excited to give it a go. I went through the usual motions, cleansed, toned etc and then put the masque on. Since it was my first time using it I only put on a light-ish layer with more on my problem areas e.g. T-Zone.


When I first put it on it felt grand but after a few minutes my skin started to feel tight and tingly, normal-ish for masques but I definitely wouldn’t leave it on longer than the recommended time (7-10 minutes.)  On the bottle it says to wash off with warm water and a facecloth but when I went to use the facecloth it was actually kinda sore and I ended up just using water on its on. Once I had gotten it all off my t-zone started to get really red and splotchy and it started spreading around the rest of my face like I had been sunburned so I freaked out of course, I normally have pretty great skin and I’ve never had a reaction to anything before but something in the masque must have just not agreed with my skin. I had to keep wetting a facecloth and applying it to my face for a few hours before the redness went away.

All in all, I wouldn’t use it again simply because it obviously doesn’t agree with my skin, that’s not saying anything bad about it what so ever and I’ve heard its a really group product to use.

Anyway, you win some you lose some. Let me know if you’ve ever tried it before and what you thought! I’d love to give it another go but I’d be scared I’d have another reaction. Also guys if there’s anything you’d like to start seeing be it on the blog itself, on snapchat etc drop me a message and let me know!

Becky x






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