Review: ArtDeco Most Wanted Palette

Hey guys!

Back again with another review of one of the amazing products we got in our Déise Bloggers goodie bags from our Mad Hatter event. This time its one from ArtDeco and its their new Most Wanted Contouring Palette.


The lovely people in ArtDeco Waterford were kind enough to gift one of these to everyone who attended the Mad Hatter event, along with an All in One mini mascara and two samples of their Rich Treatment foundation. I haven’t tried the mascara or the foundation yet but when I do I’ll let ye know what I think.

On a side note, is it just me or does anyone else have a fear of using sample packs of foundation? I never believe there’s going to be enough to cover my face and I’ll have to say I’m doing a Power of Makeup piece or something.

Anyway, back to the review. If I’m being honest if I saw this in a shop I probably wouldn’t have picked it up simply because of The Fear it would have induced based on the fact that I have about 10 blushers even though I have 2 cheeks..where is the logic in that? And so on for highlighter and bronzer. However, based on using this palette its actually a godsend. Everything is in one handy place as well as having diagrams on the back for where to put each product and how to achieve the best looks from each. It’s great for natural daytime looks and also easy to just lash on some more to bring into nighttime appropriate territory (please don’t actually lash it on.)

The pigmentation is great, the pans are huge and a little bit goes a looooong way. It’s handy having everything in one place and the packing is gorgeous. Simple yet effective. There’s two different types, a Cool one and a Warm one. I was given the cool one which I love.


The palette retails at €37 and it’d be a great Christmas present for anyone who loves makeup and doesn’t want a load of products cluttering their room (okay I lie, everyone loves loads of makeup, but this is the lie you can convince yourself with when your parting with your money.)


All in all I think it’s a great palette and if you’re thinking about picking it up I’d say go for it!

Let me know if any of you get it or what ye think of it,


Becky x


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